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World Stroke Day October 29, 2010

YNS Committees:

Administrative committee:
Dr.Hesham Awn President
Dr.Sadeq Beshr Vice President
Dr.Rashad Abdulghani Secretary General
Dr.Mohammed Sallam Treasurer
Dr.Mohammed Ayesh Public Relation
Dr.Arwa Jandab Scientific Manager
Dr.Mahfood Abdullah Member
Audit and control committee:
Dr.Aref Suwaileh Manager
Dr.Abdulnasser Abdulmajeed Member
Dr.Samir Al-Fotih Member
Scientific committee:
Dr.Arwa Jandab Manager
Dr.Mahfood Abdullah Member
Dr. Samir Al-Fotih Member
Dr.Mahfood Abdullah  
Dr.Enass Hassan  
Dr.Laila Ahmed