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World Stroke Day October 29, 2010

The Society aims to achieve the following goals:

  1. Finding a scientific framework for any interested physicians in the neurological disorders.

  2. Improving the professional performance and educational levels for the doctors working in the field of neurology through:
        a. Training courses, forums, and scientific meetings.
        b. A constant medical training program that is to be accredited  by an official party locally or internationally.

  3. Spreading health awareness in the community about the neurological disorders by using different means, such as Newspapers, Radio, TV, Circulars, and booklets that would aim at preventing and reducing neurological health-related, social, and economical affects.

  4. Expanding and enhancing health and social care for the concerned patients by introducing all possible services and aids available at medical institutions operating in the country.

  5. Encouraging scientific research by providing financial support.

  6. Establishing collaborative relations through joining International and local institutions and expertise exchange.